2017 LHP Girls Varsity Lacrosse Game Film and Highlight Reel Info Page

Price Breakdown

The cost to film all 18 games regular season games will be a flat fee of $3050.

7 Home Games x $150 = $1050

11 Away Games x $200 = $2000

The filming cost is to be divided up among the all families that sign up.

The more families that sign up the cheaper the cost is per family.


$3050 / 5 Families = $610 per family

$3050 / 10 Families = $305 per family

$3050 / 15 Families = $203 per family


What Does That Include?

  • Traveling and filming the entire season.
  • One digital file of each game. (Via Google Drive Link)
  • The footage will be used to build the team highlight reel and player highlight reels if requested.

If you are interested, Please fill out the Game Film Form:

Team Highlight Reel

A Team highlight reel of the season is available.

The cost for a team highlight reel is $500.

Individual Player Highlight Reel Package

Individual player highlight reels are also available.

The cost for an individual highlight reel is $250.

What Does This Include?

  • I go through and rewatch every game and pull all of your players Highlights from the season. 
  • I then custom build a 3-5 minute reel using the all best highlights.

Delivery Options

  1. The highlight reel can be uploaded in Full HD quality to YouTube and I will email you the Link.
  2. If you would like to upload the highlight reel to your own YouTube account, I can send you the HD Digital Video File as well.

If you are interested, Please fill out the Highlight Reel Form:

You can add this cost to the game film cost and pay at one time or you can pay for the highlight reel at the end of the season.

NOTE: You can only buy an Individual Player Highlight Reel with the purchase of the Game Film Package.



If you have any questions or concerns at all, please contact me.

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